Veri partner

Our network is massive. It is a group of over 800 clients, 50,000 contractor companies, 2.5 million workers, and 9,000 Veriforce-certified competency evaluators and safety instructors, all singularly focused on doing their job the right way to ensure a safe, productive work environment. Rosalie’s Advice to Court Reporters: Accessing Veritext Virtual Via the Partner Portal June 23, 2020 / by Katie Dodd. What To Do If – The Assignment Goes Longer Than Anticipated June 10, 2020 / by Katie Dodd. What To Do If – One Party Wants To Go Off The Record; Another Party Does Not VERI1K EFT is a 1k Ohm termination with SHV-BNC high voltage connector and integrated divider for EFT calibration up to 7kV in accordance with IEC 61000-4-4. With more than 25,000 merchant and partner accounts globally, Verifi™ helps businesses protect payments and boost profits with the most comprehensive, best-in-breed suite of payment solutions on the market. Payment processors, technology and solution providers partner with Verifi to deliver secure and holistic products and services to ... Veri-Check partner up with Kamma. Published 3rd August 2020. We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Veri-Check. Veri-Check is an independent company with an advanced tenant referencing platform, specialising in tenant credit checks for letting agencies. Two-time recipients of the AllAgents Silver Supplier of the Year Award ... The International Foundation for Digital Competences (IFDC) The International Foundation for Digital Competences (IFDC) is a global non-profit organization and a global thought leader in the area of digital competences. Verifone is redefining retail by enabling frictionless consumer experiences that go beyond just payments. Offering a unified customer experience whether its in-store, in-app, online or wherever your consumers take you, Verifone is leading the way to meaningful innovation and better customer journeys. Built on a 37-year history of uncompromised security, we are committed to consistently ... Learn about the Veritas Partner Force Program Download the flyer. Veritas PartnerNet - Exclusive access to financial benefits, business benefits, resources and tools designed to grow your business. Our programs are designed to reward you for delivering an exceptional experience to our mutual customers. Choose the program most suited to your ... VeriPark is a global software solutions provider which Accelerates Digital Transformation in Financial Services - Microsoft Gold Partner Our mission is to enable financial institutions to deliver world class customer journeys in digital and assisted channels. Veri Cloud is Salesforce partner in Turkey. We have been conducting successful Salesforce implementations and integrations for global brands for over 7 years. From implementation to systems integration, from complicated lightning platform ( development to Appexchange app development.

Need of advertisements for an online male escort in India

2020.09.22 11:00 arjunchauhan0674 Need of advertisements for an online male escort in India

Need of advertisements for an online male escort in India

In this blog, you will know about different online platforms that an ordinary call boy uses and how he can make the best use of it in his professional work

In the present era, our knowledge regarding male escorts and how they are using online platforms to highlight their services online is quite limited. Escort advertisements often are used to compare gigolos and choose the best male escort in your area.

Who are Male escorts and how they work

Male escorts or rent men are the people who carry out Indian sex services as their profession in return for money or any other interests. Male escorts are less popular as compared to female escorts. As a male escort, a person never discusses nor discloses his identity in public.

Origin of Indian call boy

Indian male escort services are completely a new concept for many of us. This foreign concept was introduced by a few reputed escort agencies to provide employment to many Indian youth during the recession. Nowadays some of the reputed agencies provide Indian escort services where escorts work as a dating partners, travel companions, or as a part-time boyfriend.

Offline vs. Online male escort services in India

There are many online as well as offline call boy sex services in India. With the advancement of technologies, there was a shift from offline services to online services. Most people preferred searching for their favorite escorts online rather than going to brothels or any illegal places.
I have highlighted some points on why online services is preferred over offline
  • You can never expect a hygienic proper and clean service during an offline service. There are serious chances for you to get affected by theft or diseases while availing Hyderabad escort services offline.
  • There are very few chances of getting 5-star facilities or any extra services in these places.
  • You can expect offline Hyderabad escort services mostly in illegal places of like brothels, streets, and highways of Hyderabad which are prone to police raids and kidnapping.
  • You have to compromise with your security while dealing with people related to these types of services.
  • Online platforms are the best ways to search for Hyderabad escort. Here you can choose your favorite escort according to your budget and taste. The most promising factor to choose online over offline is that online you can book an escort in some minutes.

How do online ads work and how a gigolo is benefitted?

Choosing the right platforms, selecting right audience and shortlisting the best escort services are the three marketing strategies for an escort in Mumbai.
Right platforms
The way an escort in Mumbai advertises his escort service in Mumbai is far more different from traditional marketing. A call boy Mumbai always hides his identity; he can never place his ads in the newspaper nor put a short clip ad in any TV channels. The only way he can provide his services is through the internet.
Right audiences
A gigolo always gets an advantage in online marketing by choosing the right audience for highlighting his services. Selecting appropriate clients for your escort services is very crucial for you to grow as an agency or an individual escort.
Shortlisting the best escort services
Selecting appropriate Indian online platforms for highlighting escort services is very much crucial for you to grow as an agency or an individual escort. It is an essential thing for an escort before applying for any playboy job in Mumbai or any other place in India.

Where to place the ads

There are certain platforms on the Internet where placing escort services ads can be beneficial for you. I have discussed some of them. It is quite similar to placing an ad for female escort service in Kolkata
Porn websites are the primary platforms where you can put your ads for the faster promotion of male as well as female escorts service in Kolkata. It drives the most traffic as compared to any such possible marketing platforms.
Promoting call girl service in Kolkata thorough blogs and websites is a more organic method of marketing Kolkata escort service. These techniques of marketing escort services attract a lot of liberal people who are genuinely interested in these services.
There are plenty of advantages of online escort ads as it allows the users to search for male escort jobs in different cities across India. Many users also come to know about rave parties or any private e shows through ads. Clients interested to book male escorts online can go through their profile directly and compare with other escorts available online. For all types of male escort services and call boy jobs visit
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2020.09.22 10:59 Seniorsfirstcare Retirement Home for Elders

Retirement Home for Elders
Time and values are diminishing very fast in today’s world. The younger generation does not have the time or the will to take care of their elders, putting them at great risk of being harassed, attacked or even facing accidents causing death or damage.
Today, you can see hundreds of elderly people living all alone in their homes with nobody to talk to and share with. The younger generation is busy with their jobs and professions leaving them almost no time to care for their elders. This has become a major cause of all kinds of mental and psychological issues with the elder people.
Healthcare is also a big issue for the elderly because with each passing day, they are getting more prone to all kinds of health issues that you don’t face in your younger days. They require round the clock monitoring by trained and professional people who can understand their needs and medical requirements.
Earlier, elders never used to have any kinds of problems as the families used to be large and they would be surrounded by children of all ages to cheer them and create a mental balance for them. However, unfortunately due to the fast-urban life and increase in daily requirements of each person, there are usually very small families with one sibling or no sibling at all.
Trend of Elderly Homes Gaining Prominence
What we can see is a growing trend of elderly retirement homes all around the globe. There are some who come to the place when their children are not living with them, and they feel very difficult to manage their daily chores and entertain themselves in the loneliness. Some come out of compulsion because either they have no other place to live or they are left all alone and have nobody to share or talk.
Most of these retirement homes are a soothing place for the elders as they come in the company of people of nearly the same age and face similar kinds of difficulties allowing them to bond easily of their grief and problems. Also, these elderly retirement homes are places where elderly take care of each other and spend quality time with each other.
Healthcare for elderly is a major issue because each and every elder person has a different problem and they need professional help to take care of them and their requirements. Some elders have physical problems and some have psychological problems. They need to be tackled in a professional manner which only a trained nurse or doctor can do.
Some of these elderly retirement homes are built and managed by people from medical background that have love, compassion and resources that they want to use for the service of the elderly. It is estimated that there will be more than 300 million elderly by 2040, for which there has to be facilities and expert people to handle them.
A professional service providing company, Seniors First Senior Care Services helps in providing healthcare for elderly and elderly retirement homes through their partners. Now you can choose to take care of your elders while they are at home.
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2020.09.22 10:59 shadowdog7260 AITA for not helping a friend who offended me?

I (F 15) have a close knit group of friends. We always stick with one another, and it might be worth mentioning that I'm the only girl in my friend group. Naturally, as the only girl, I'm picked on quite frequently, and there are always sexist jokes, but I usually take them good naturedly, and if they do offend me I laugh it off.
I share many classes with one particular friend from my friend group (let's name him Bob, this is a fake name), and often when we do work or experiments he'll come over, shove my arm and say "hey stupid b*tch how do you do this?" I know he doesn't mean to insult me because I know deep down he's a super nice, super gentlemanly guy. He's helped me through depression and many many personal problems. But he does let the norm of "a cool guy being a jerk" get in the way quite often.
Today, in physics class, as we were doing an experiment, me and my lab partner (let's call him Sam, fake name) were setting up the experiment, and Bob comes over and says "fck off btch" and pushes me out of the way. He promptly messes up what we had set up, and for some reason today, I just snapped. I told myself I had enough of the "bullying" and just went to an empty table to work on the lab by myself. I knew I could do it alone because I'm usually the one doing the labs anyways, with Bob and Sam just hovering around me.
In the background, I hear him calling me a wuss and stuff for getting upset, but I ignore it. I work on my lab. Sam then comes up to me and says if I can come back to help them because they're having some trouble (they didn't know how to do the lab without me) and he told me that Bob was sorry. I told him I knew Bob was sorry, but I had enough of him pushing me around. I said I'd help them after I was done with my lab. Sam conveys the message to Bob, and comes back telling me that Bob had told me to "go f*ck myself".
I ended up not helping them, partly because I didn't have time to complete my lab AND help them, partly because I was quite upset at Bob. For the rest of the lesson I didn't talk to Bob, and I did all my work with a different group of friends (I was once quite close with this group of friends, but I had a falling out with one of the members. It was quite nice that this member was very chill and nice to me today)
So AITA for not helping Bob?
TLDR: AITA for not helping my friend, who had hurt me emotionally, that was struggling with a science experiment?
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2020.09.22 10:58 alnirobe I don’t know if I’m genuinely CF or just scared...

First off, I want to say I am extremely supportive of people being CF and I enjoy reading these posts and empathize with the majority of them. I have a very strong phobia towards pregnancy and childbirth, to the point that I find it difficult to even look at pregnant women (that are showing). I don’t like babies and in my 21 years of life, have never held a baby. I genuinely can’t imagine having children biologically. I’ve never wanted to. But I like children. I have always enjoyed being around toddlers especially, but I’ve also enjoyed the experience of giving them back to their mom and dad at the end of the day.
My partner loves children and babies, and he wants at least one kid at some point in life. I’ve always been very firm that I won’t ever be pregnant or give birth, as that is the one thing I am super sure about. He is very open to adopting kids, although he’d prefer some biological route. But I genuinely am terrified that having kids will ruin my life. I am so career driven that I can’t imagine ever taking maternity leave or taking a day off if my kid is sick. I can’t see myself packing lunches or doing any of the mundane tasks that come with kids. I can’t see myself changing diapers or doing any of the gross stuff. Like I don’t even kiss my partner because I find saliva horrifying, so can you imagine poop and vomit and whatnot? No thanks. I will never give up a career or educational opportunity for my family, not even my partner when it comes down to it. And I am so scared one day I will think I want kids and then I’ll end up looking at that innocent child and thinking “I wish I had gotten rid of you. You’ve ruined my life”.
This isn’t something immediate, as I don’t intend to even entertain the idea until I have my PhD, which I hope to start next year. But I am frightened because on one hand I like kids, but on the other, I believe I would regret ever having them, biological or not. And even if my partner is the primary caregiver, what kind of life is that? For me, for my partner, and for the hypothetical kid? Me, living with resentment and anger, my partner bearing the responsibility of family life, and my hypothetical kid knowing their mom doesn’t want them? But also what if I end up not having them and wishing I had? I guess what I’m trying to get at with my little rant did you all know when you were 100% truly CF?
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2020.09.22 10:58 dreamatcha1 Barely remember the facts, don't know how to process

Hey guys sorry its 5am and I'm feeling really anxious so this might not be the most cohesive post but I just kind of wanted to get this off my chest and talk with someone. TW for CSA obviously so please don't read if it'll trigger you. I'm 21f and around a year ago my friend was dating someone who had been molested as a child and after she told me his story I started having flashbacks to what I suspect is abuse that happened to me. The trouble is I only remember a few things, and even those things I only remember vaguely--it was by a close friend of my father, who also was his roommate (parents are divorced). I remember him masturbating while I was in the room when I was around age 8 and I'm haunted by the memory of him audibly moaning. I also have another memory of a similar thing around age 12, and I have vague memories of seeing a p**** in the shower and feeling unsafe (I remember the wall and the shower curtain very vividly). I also remember always feeling very very unsafe around him and hating that I had to be around him all the time, dreading seeing him, etc. and one day when I was around 13 having an absolute crying breakdown where I told my dad I never wanted to see him again. Beyond this I truly don't know if anything else happened. Both of the memories are about non-contact abuse which kind of makes me think I'm exaggerating or making up the trauma, but thinking about these memories fills me with a sense of absolute full-body panic and recently I can't stop compulsively thinking about them and triggering myself.
As a child like ages 7 onwards I struggled a lot with constant guilt and intrusive thoughts, particularly about sex and about a fear of being penetratively r*ped. I also compulsively masturbated from a very young age. I had a strong fear of most men (teachers, doctors, even family members) growing up and for a while believed I was lesbian or asexual because of it, but after losing my virginity to a man (while nearly blackout drunk in college) I became somewhat hypersexual and had a lot of hookups with men.I wasn't attracted to at all during which I would kind of dissociate. I also have struggled with severe anxiety, bulimia, depression, and suicidal thoughts on and off throughout my life. Now I am 21, in a loving and caring relationship for over a year, and I am struggling with having panic attacks during sex. I am unable to orgasm at all with my partner and never have, and if I get close I basically get too anxious and have to stop or I'll have a panic attack. I also am into r*pekink and ddlg and basically can't get turned on unless he's saying fucked up things to me (I know being kinky is not always a result of abuse but I can't shake the sense that in my case it is.)
Was I abused?? If so how do I proceed to heal myself? I guess I'm worried that if I start therapy for this I'll unnecessarily give power to these memories if this wasn't actually abuse or if it wasn't actually that bad, and also that if I start therapy I'll never be able to stop having these anxious thoughts/feelings if I actually have to talk about this stuff.... This was longer than I intended so thanks for reading xxx
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2020.09.22 10:54 Javira-Butterfly "Demoting" a partner to secondary

I (21f) am together with my Fiancée F (32m) and my bf B (28m). So far I had every intention of having no hierarchy between my two partners, but after being together with both of them for a while (3/4 of a year) , I feel like I'd feel better if my Fiancée was my definite primary and my bf "only" my secondary. Is that too cruel of me? I wasn't poly before so this constellation is pretty much trial and error sometimes. I don't know if this would hurt my bf or if he would accept it without any issue, he did know my Fiancée and I as a couple from the very beginning and knows how incredibly close I am with him. So, would you guys say it's okay to implement a hierarchy after the fact bc after actually experiencing poly you have a different view on it, or would it be nothing but cruel and egoistic?
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2020.09.22 10:54 gewchee lowwwwww libido

due to sexual trauma, my (22 F) libido is low. i want to please my boyfriend as he has a very high sex drive but i am also very against having sex just to please my partner. i also have low confidence so that doesn’t help any either. is there anything i can do to help raise my libido? like anything? natural supplements? masturbation practices?? please help :(
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2020.09.22 10:53 plugaway I'm done with the guilt. Started 5 days ago. This is a bit of my story/rant, because I can't keep it to myself.

I tired of being in denial.
Masturbating and porn have been a daily routine since 1998, when I was 12. I'm 34 now. My addiction has roots far earlier than that, starting with a really strange event when I was too young to understand what was going on. I had sprained my ankle when I was 7 years old and putting on the bandage tightly seemed to just force blood to...other parts...of my body, and I chased that feeling constantly. When I turned 10/12 I noticed it started to feel even better, and I began having orgasms, without knowing what they were.
It wasn't until I was 12 that I understood what was happening and that I could pleasure myself in more conventional ways, and that I could use the internet as a means to that end. Since then it's been almost daily. There have been 2 periods of 2 weeks where I didn't touch myself or watch porn, and maybe a bunch of times where 2-3 days would go by. But that's it.
It took over more than I wanted to admit. I ritualised it, even when I was in relationships with very sexual partners I would often blow my libido on a wank, which removed any need to feel a connection to humans. My girlfriend saw the porn on my laptop and phone more times that she deserved to. I often would do it at work or take a detour in a department store bathroom on the way home or my lunch break. Occasionally I'd do it on a walk in the forest. I'd stop the car on long drives to do it. I'd be deceiving about my plans and work schedule to my partner so I could plan it into my day occasionally. It almost destroyed our relationship when she found out I was lying to her about having stopped, and the guilt I feel now, since I definitely have not stopped, is huge.
I'm on day 5 today. I want to touch myself. I'm trying to keep busy. The thoughts creep in pretty quickly.
But my life is too short and important to let this keep its hold on me.
I'll leave it there, for now.
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2020.09.22 10:43 ItsJarrit Anxiety induced by mushrooms?

Hello all!
So about 6 months ago I took a large dose of mushies and was uncomfortable and experienced a bad trip. There was a combination of biting flies and really disgusting imagery and fractals. I just kind of curled up in a ball trying to breathe and feel better while my partner and friend comforted me and enjoyed their trip.
Recently (2months ago) I had some tea with friends (very low dose) and before the come up even started I was already anxious and nervous. I puked and had diahrea for nearly 2hrs from my discomfort. In the end everyone else was fine and hardly felt the effects, I did not really feel the effects either but went thru all that still.
I think my nervousness surrounding the power and discomfort of mushrooms is crippling me. Now I get nervous thinking about them. Right now I am shaking even righting this. I worry that this is going to become crippling and I'll never be able to enjoy a psychedelic experience, mushrooms or either wise, again.
Does anyone have any advice for this? I have tried searching on my own but only see articles talking about how mushrooms cure this sort of thing.
Tldr: after a bad trip i have severe anxiety or fear of mushrooms so much so that I'm shaking while writing this. Can I ever enjoy psychs again?
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2020.09.22 10:41 Klaracombin 8 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Account Using Pinterest

Do you guys use Pinterest to promote your business? Or even promote your Instagram?
Instagram is a great platform to help increase the visibility of your brand. As a marketer or business owner, you need to take active steps towards growing your Instagram following.
Here are some stats to prove why:
These stats establish the value of Instagram on your marketing and advertising efforts.
To reap the benefits that come with Instagram, you need to grow your Instagram followers.
Compared to a year or two ago, growing Instagram followers isn’t as easy as it used to be. With Instagram improving its algorithm and the increasing competition amongst brands, you would need effective strategies to grow on Instagram.
One of these strategies is using Pinterest to grow your Instagram account.
Unlike Instagram where the only place to put clickable links is in your bio, Pinterest allows users to add links to each post making it a great channel for referral traffic.
If you want to grow your Instagram account, you can use Pinterest to attract more followers.
Ready to get started? Here are 8 ways to grow your Instagram account using Pinterest.

1. Claim your Instagram on Pinterest

Claiming your Instagram account on Pinterest is very easy to do. It would only take a few minutes.
Go to Pinterest > Account settings > Claimed accounts > Instagram.
Once you have claimed your Instagram account, any pins created from your Instagram account in the future would be attributed to you.
What this means is that if you or any other user shares content from your Instagram account on Pinterest, your Pinterest profile and a follow button would show on the pin.
If a user clicks on the Pin, they would be redirected to your Instagram account. This attribution system is very helpful in getting click-throughs to your Instagram account especially when you are still new on the platform.
Since Instagram posts have a short life span, by claiming your Instagram account and then pinning posts from your Instagram account to Pinterest, you can drive more viewers and engagement to your Instagram account for a long time.
As more of your pins get saved, more people would see your Pinterest posts and click-through to your Instagram account. The more people that visit your Instagram account via Pinterest referrals and also enjoy your content, the more followers you gain.

2. Publish to Instagram & share the content on Pinterest

After claiming your account, publish your content to Instagram first then share it to Pinterest.
All you need to do is log into your Instagram account via desktop. Go to the post you want to pin on Pinterest and grab the post’s URL. It’s this Instagram URL that you are going to use as the pin’s designation website.
Don’t forget to add a caption to your posts before uploading. While the character limit isn’t as much as Instagram, it’s still enough to give context to your post.
Tip: to streamline the content creation and publication process, use a free Instagram planning tool — Combin Scheduler. This will help you save your time, automatically publish posts and stories, organise your hashtags, add a link in bio, and even repost posts of other Instagrammers.
The more creative you are with the captions, the more people would engage with the pins. The more engagements your pin receives, the more referral clicks you drive to your Instagram account.
If you have an Instagram post that contains multiple images, you can consider creating a Pinterest-optimized graphic of all the photos merged together in one image. You can use an app like Canva to merge all the photos into one.
The best part of sharing your Instagram content to Pinterest is that pins are evergreen. In contrast to Instagram where the visibility of posts reduces after a day, Pinterest uploads continue to see engagement months later. So any of your Instagram pins that are popular would continue to receive referral traffic for a long time.

3. Categorize content into boards

If you are trying to grow your Instagram account with Pinterest, just uploading content from your Instagram account to Pinterest won’t be enough.
If you expect people to interact with your content regularly, you’ve got to optimize each pin you upload and make them count.
One way to optimize your pins is by categorizing them into boards.
Pinterest boards are a collection of pins around a visual theme or central idea curated by a user or community of users. Each board on your Pinterest profile should have a specific theme. For example, you may have a fall fashion board or a graphic design board. As time passes, you can add content to your old boards and also create new ones.
When creating a board, use straightforward names that users can understand and easily remember. You can also add keywords where necessary to grab attention.
Tip: Create boards based on trending topics and keywords. Creating boards based on what’s trending in your niche would help you reach a wider audience. Make sure that the content you pin to the boards is relevant to the kind of followers you want to attract.
You can also participate in Group boards. This is a great way to get your pins in front of a larger audience.

4. Use Pinterest SEO

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Similar to Google search, you need to perform SEO to increase your visibility on the platform.
Pinterest considers the keywords and phrases used on the description of a pin when deciding what to show in a user’s feed. They also consider the keywords used in the board title and board description where the pin is saved. Pinterest also looks at keywords in the title page of the pin destination (i.e your Instagram post) when ranking content on the home page.
Adding keywords to your pins would help increase your pin exposure.
Add keywords that your target audience is searching for — the same way you create keyword-optimized content for your blog or website. The more keywords you rank for, the higher visibility your pins receive. You can either use the “Trending on Pinterest” section in the search tab or an SEO tool to find which keywords and trends that are ranking in your niche.
Along with keywords, also add relevant hashtags to your pin descriptions. Both of them work together to bring traffic to your Pinterest profile, boards, and pins. With increased traffic to your Pins and boards, the more click-throughs you get to your Instagram account.
There is no rule on how many keywords you should add to your posts. Although, the best-performing pins tend to have between 5–10 keywords and 3–5 hashtags.

5. Leverage user-generated content (UGC)

According to Sprout Social, user-generated content is 35% more memorable and 50% more trustworthy than other types of media creation.
This stat shows that user-generated content should play an important role in your Instagram-Pinterest strategy.
To take advantage of user-generated content, create a group board where your followers can post products of how they interact with your product or brand.
A good example is Gap’s collaborative board called Styl’d by You.
In this board, fashion bloggers and other clothing enthusiasts can show off how they style Gap clothing.
If done right, UGC has a snowball effect of higher engagement and more social followers.
How does this work?
When a follower pins content related to your brand, their followers see it. If any of these followers like the content and shares it, their own followers get to see the post — and the cycle continues. So, from just one post generated from a single user, tens to hundreds of people would get to know your brand.
The easiest way to start a UGC campaign is by starting a hashtag trend, creating a collaborative board that followers can post to, or working with influencers.
You can also feature the most creative followers on your Instagram account to increase engagement. Remember to ask permission first before using a user’s content to avoid being accused of theft.

6. Work with influencers

There are influencers on Pinterest who are known for their ability to design great Pinterest boards. Working with influencers can help boost your board’s engagement.
The key is to partner with influencers whose style matches your brand. Supply them with content from your Instagram account and allow them to take over some of your boards. The influencer can also create custom content on their own.
Give them the freedom to design the boards as they please. Since influencers already know the kind of content your target audience would love, you should see increased engagement and traffic to your boards.
Another advantage of working with influencers is that you get access to their followers. This is another effective way to increase your brand reach.
Tip: Instead of spending hours on social media scouting for influencers to work with, you can use an influencer marketing platform. The platform will provide a list of influencers and also present their statistics to you. All you would have to do is select the influencer that best suits your brand.

7. Pin when engagement is high

For maximum effect, pin when your audience engages with your content the most.
You can use Pinterest’s inbuilt analytics to determine when your audience is most active. Use that information and post regularly at those times to see higher engagement.
Additionally, reports from Oberlo show that the best time to post on Pinterest tends to be between 8 p.m and 11 p.m. Saturdays tend to be by far the best day to post on Pinterest. Sundays work well too. Work hours tend to be less popular for Pinterest users.
About author: Marvellous Aham-adi is a freelance writer and Head of Content at TheZeroed. Where he writes on growing a blog and actionable SEO strategies you can use in growing a brand. He has been featured in top blogs like Social Media Examiner, GetResponse, Mention, and Wordstream.
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2020.09.22 10:41 Antonius_the_Pleb (M18) I’m questioning my relationship with an online friend (M24)

Some background: I live in a very religious and strict household and so I was never really able fully develop as a person in the ways I wanted to. Particularly I was never really able to explore love and my sexuality being gay. Although I came out to my parents, it only made the weight on my life choices heavier and every decision I make I fear angering my parents and causing chaos, strife, and pain in my life. That along with coming from a rather conservative part of California made me struggle with loneliness and feelings of being unwanted. So I turned to the internet to fulfill what I couldn’t in real life. Its been 2 years, I started at 16. In that time I’ve gotten to know people very intimately only to see them go or block me over one dispute or another.
My friend and I matched and very quickly found out that we really were compatible in conversation. It just took that and that I found him very attractive to make me feel so intensely about him. He shared my feelings and soon we were talking on facetime all day everyday. I’ve had to at least talked to more than 200 guys online and in real life too (conservative estimate) in my time (which I know is short) but he just has everything going for him in my eyes. He makes months pass like seconds. He tells such amazing stories, he makes such beautiful music, he has such an vibrant outlook on life, he has an energy which brings me so much joy. Most importantly he is one of the most empathetic and strong people I’ve met so far.
With the way we feel about each other we can’t find any other words to say to each other than “I love you”. And to be honest we really believe we mean it. But I just can’t help but find doubt myself and the situation we are both in. To be honest if the world was ending, we could take the 6 hour drive to see each other, but he struggles with finances and I can’t leave my house without causing a fuss.
At first we struggled with the insecurity of our age gap but getting to know each other we only seemed to find out we were more compatible than we thought at first. But I recently hit the understanding that he really does have a lot more experience than I do that makes our needs different. Particularly it was hard for me to digest the information that he has had a lot of sexual partners in the past.
Its a threat from two sides. For me his experience was understandable but also unsettling for me because of my values and how much I feel for him. For him, sometimes he struggles with the fact that whatever he feels for me is muted because of our distance. Yet we still can’t say anything but “I love you”
It’s been causing me so headache to try and reconcile what I feel and the unpalatable reality. I fear I am so naive in investing so much emotion into this man, and yet I will still try to argue the validity of our words. This man has brought so much light, helpful advice, and hope for the future in my life but at the same time I still feel insecure and almost ashamed of our situation. Our meeting isn’t unlikely but at the same time its so difficult. I feel so strongly about him, but I know if I’m being realistic it is unlikely to occur.
I’m so conflicted.
Tl;dr: I feel very deeply about an online friend, but I don’t think we can be together.
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2020.09.22 10:38 CapitalReaction8237 Newly pregnant and my family claims I’m depriving my future child of their grandparents since I’m NC with them

I shared my pregnancy news with my paternal family yesterday and it was incredibly well received. While I don’t have a relationship with my dad, I am close to his family and his sisters have somewhat raised me as their own. I’m 24 and my dad has been a pretty absent parent. Honestly couldn’t tell you all the last time I spoke to him. I just remember about 2 fathers days ago (so 2 years) I posted saying happy Father’s Day to my step dad and how it was always hard for me to be without a consistent dad and my biological dad commented on it calling me an ungrateful liar. I essentially cussed him out to be honest and we’ve been very NC ever since. We initially went no contact because he refused to go to my college graduation without his wife who has been an awful stepmother to say the least. He also doesn’t live in my city and would show up in my city at random mostly to visit his sisters and then get mad when I wouldn’t jump to go visit him. I’m sorry but visiting my dad is more like him playing games with his family and me hanging out with my cousins. Now that I’m in my mid-20s I don’t have patience for it. My biological dad has always seen himself as some victim of my mothers who just didn’t have enough money to make us happy. My mother is incredibly well off and I have gone NC with her too because in all fairness to my dad she is an incredibly abusive person. Anyhow, when I announced to my close aunts they asked me if I would be telling my dad and I said no why would I do that seeing as how he hasn’t spoken to me in years. I’m not going to call him just to tell him I’m having a child. If he didn’t want to be in my life then he also doesn’t get to be in my children’s life. My aunt insisted that that decision was unfair to my child because my child may want to know about this grandfather. I responded and said that my child wouldn’t be absent a grandfather as my partners parents are great in laws and very present for their other grandchildren and children. They said it wasn’t fair to my child and I said listen again if he didn’t want to be in my life he doesn’t get to be in my life now because he wants access to my kids and he’s not having access to my kids without having a relationship with me and they insisted well why not and I’m like because I don’t want to have to manage that. They insisted this might help my relationship with my father heal after 20 something years and I was actually almost insulted. You never cared about me but now that you want to have grandkids you’re inclined to mend the relationship? Shouldn’t I be enough to just want to mend things? I’m his oldest daughter after all. I honestly think I would be protecting my future child from keeping them from grandparents that harmed me tremendously. As an adult I actually struggle from CPTSD thanks to my fathers negligence and my mothers abuse. I really just want to enjoy my pregnancy and raising my kids with all the knowledge I have now. But, I do want to ask for other opinions in case I’m being rash. My partner agrees with me about not allowing people access to our children if they didn’t even care about being in my life.
My dad has caused tremendous harm by being absent and blaming it on the fact that he couldn’t live up to expectations. He’s also said that he chose to leave me with my abusive mother rather than dealing with her abuse. So he chose to leave me as a child in those conditions. And, whenever I tried to reconcile he always suggested that he never had his parents around and that that never hurt him. Well I’m sorry but it did traumatize me and I think having the evil stepmother also didn’t help. As a child and even young(er) adult I needed so much more from my parents and I battled everything alone. I was even suicidal for so long and battled that alone and I don’t understand why family gets to claim place in my life for my offspring after not caring so long. I’m pretty adamant that it’s not right to include either of my parents while I feel more convinced about not allowing my mother since she’s abusive and my dad is more just absent/negligent. I also plan to talk this through with my therapist on Wednesday because it did cause me a lot of pain to even have to explain this all to my aunts or answer these questions and air out just how absent and careless my dad has been. My dad also has 3 kids with evil stepmother that he adores and is very present for. He has another child outside of that marriage that he equally neglects. He’s always been a “ill be there for my children as long as I’m with you” type of guy.
Edit: My grandfathers both passed around my infancy so I don’t remember them. My dads mom is a devout catholic woman who judges me more than she loves me. My aunt told me she’s going to lecture me for days about how I’m pregnant and not married. My moms mom is really judgmental and I haven’t really seen her since I went to visit her in her home country and I was 110 pounds at the time and very depressed so constantly crying and she stared at me the entire visit and finally toward the end said “you’re so fat now when you’re done paying off your new car come back to get a liposuction done.” She’s a devout Jehovah’s Witness. So I also don’t have the best grandparents myself. I don’t see what I would be depriving my kids of except a painful experience?
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2020.09.22 10:38 missuslindy The Almost Chainsaw Massacre Encounter

So this happened over a year ago. I (53F) am from the US but now live in the UK. I thought this kinda thing only happened in Florida where my family still lives as I’ve had my fair share of creepy encounters there. I like to think I’m a tough old bird who doesn’t mind helping out a fellow human being.
I was driving home with my dogs from my partner’s house as we were still dating at the time and I had work the next day and needed my work stuff. He lived an hour away so it was a long drive home through the rustic English countryside. It was late-ish but was still a little light as summer lingered about on those lovely long sunsets.
As I’m driving, I get a call from my son who is living in the US. Just wanted to pull over and touch base with my son to let him know that I was driving and would catch up with him when I got home. I pull over at the next convenient spot which happens to be a drive onto someone’s farm. I wasn’t aware of this until after getting out of my car later. I had vaguely noticed a big barn next to a farmhouse, kind of unkempt and no lights on. It’s still a little light out, so nothing overtly odd I suppose about no lights on inside the house behind the guy.
While I’m talking to my son, both my dogs start to grumble about something. I look up and see a very big (tall AND heavy, mid 60’s -70’s?) older man waving at me for help. He had the hood/bonnet of his truck propped open and was sitting on a stool next to it. Since I had a mobile phone, I thought that I would offer to call someone to help him. As soon as I stepped out of my car, he shouted to me to roll up my windows because of my dogs. My babies are about the size of a beagle and my girl is fiercely protective. So I roll windows only about halfway up, enough so they can still poke their heads out but not down far enough so it’s an easy jump out of the car. Some people are just scared of dogs, right? Even though most farms have working dogs, but ok...
As I get to his truck, I offer the phone call. He’s old so maybe doesn’t have a cell phone, ya know? He’s says no to the phone call & says he just needs someone to help fill the radiator because ‘me car ‘as over heated’. So me being no stranger to a little light auto maintenance, I looked over to see the radiator cap already off. He offered me a full bottle of water with which to perform this top up. Mind you, the truck was stone cold and as I got to the radiator, it was already full of water! Pesky alarm bells going off in my head even louder now.
At this point I said I would call the AA (car recovery service) or the police. He said no thanks again and began to profusely thank me for helping with his truck. He stood up (whoa nelly!) and asked for my address so he could drop off some sausages because, you see, he was a butcher! My alarm bells are screaming now!! All the while my dogs are not loudly barking but you can hear them nervously woofting from my car in the background (about 20ft away maybe?). Luckily he seemed disabled since he was wearing a knee brace and also had a walking stick. I only got close enough to him once to get the water bottle handoff. Stayed at arms length after that. Made my excuses and immediately walked backed to my car.
I have never gotten out of anywhere so fast in my life! After recounting this story to my daughter, she said it was a good thing the dogs were with me and that they probably saved me from getting into further trouble. I seriously thought that I might have just met Leatherface’s grandad!! Definitely felt like a set up. Who sits outside in the semi-dark like that out in the middle of nowhere, waiting for some chance help you don’t really need to wander by? Super-scary-creepy!
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2020.09.22 10:38 Winning_Biscotti I am an ELS Teacher

I made a decision to change careers and move to a new country across the world for that matter. It was against my partner's advice but I do not regret at all. I found a recruitment agency that made this even much easier and manageable. Pioneer and Beyond helped me settle in China seamlessly. Through them, I landed a teaching position in an elementary school close enough so my commute was short. The students were respectful and always eager to learn. The community was very homely and resourceful. We did a lot of excursions and China has some really beautiful places to explore. So sad that my job is contractual but then again Pioneer and Beyond offer career advancement opportunities, so we'll see where it goes.
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2020.09.22 10:32 Motherhen29 My partner told me I’m never going to be anything in life and I now believe him.

I’ll admit that when I’m hypomanic I will make plans and decide to start a new career, but it never materialises as depression always catches up and takes away my motivation. However, I’ve decided to do something that I’ve always been interested in and wanted to do. I’ve signed up to do an open university degree in Forensic Psychology. It was a big step to actually sign up, apply for student finance etc, I’m not manic and wasn’t when I signed up it doesn’t start until February next year. But I’m excited to do this it’s something I’ve always wanted to do I’m true crime mad and the psychology side is somthing I’m really interested in.
Cue to me telling my partner about my plans and he shuts me down instantly ‘that’s something else you’re not going to do then, just another waste of time’. I’ve explained that I’m determined to do this and unlike my other ‘ideas’ this is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. However he thinks it’s me being impulsive and manic again. He thinks I’ll never do anything with my life and I’m starting to believe him now.
My motivation has been shattered because I’m starting to doubt myself. I am the person who decides to do these new things yet never follows through. I expected encouragement yet was shut down straight away. I feel like giving up and admitting I will never be anything because my impatient and impulsive choices never materialise. I have dreams yet lack the confidence to chase them because deep down I know I will probably give up or change my mind somewhere along the way.
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2020.09.22 10:25 smallraccoon I feel disgusting. A rant.

In 2016 I had an abortion, October last year I suffered a ruptured ectopic pregnancy that very nearly killed me and I had to have another abortion in May. I fucking hate my body for doing this to me. I feel like nothing but a host waiting for parasites to infect. A breathing incubator. It's disgusting.
My partner and I have suffered so much but neither of us can get sterilized because we're totally too young and stupid to make our own decisions - my partner is 34 and I am 26. Which I get, yeah, many 26 year olds WILL hold their head up high while making decisions they might regret later. However every 'bad' choice they could make, facial tattoo, gaining 100 kilos, it's all allowed, your doctor can't physically restrain you from dating your just-out-of-prison junkie boyfriend. But they can literally stop me from making decisions that affect my life and my sanity. I haven't had sex with my partner since May because we're both so traumatised and scared of getting pregnant again.
I even asked my doctor if he'd prefer I just keep getting abortions until I'm so mentally fucked I just throw myself off a bridge. He had the balls to tell me "Don't be like that." and refused to answer me properly. I asked him if he'd pay for all future abortions considering thanks to him I don't have full control of my reproductive system - and MY BODY THAT I LIVE IN - as I should. He told me it was out of his hands. Fucker.
Every doctor I've seen said I can't get sterilized. Not allowed. You'll change your mind. Why can I waltz into an abortion clinic and get an exorcism any day of the week but a permanent SOLUTION is just not possible, out of our hands, so sorry. Come back in a few years and we'll tell you the same shit. How dare they, how DARE they.
I am so angry all the time about this. It's not fair. My life is fucked, my mind is in tatters. I came hours close to death because my fucking fallopian tube ruptured and I had no idea I was pregnant so just smoked and showered the pain off and trucked along until I was so full of blood I could barely stand straight and was BLOATED with LITRES OF BLOOD. Which wouldn't have happened if Dr Anyone just let me make my own goddamn motherfucking choices in life. It was ME who went through all that pain, the scars are on MY body and how DARE they think they have any say in what's best for ME. I have fucking back problems now because of the keyhole surgery messing with my back muscles! I just got off of 3 months of light duties!
And I still feel that at any time I could be infected. I don't feel safe in my own body. I'll say it again:
I don't feel safe in my own body
How could anyone hear my story and not immediately and sympathetically Kali Ma my uterus right out of my body.
screaming intensifies
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2020.09.22 10:25 Hateling [STORE] St/Karambit, M9, Bayonet, Talon, St/Flip, St/Butterfly, Classic, Ursus: Emerald,Sapphire,Ruby,Doppler,Gamma,TT,Fade,Marble,CW,Lore,CH,Slaughter. Gloves Ft:Crimson Web, Emerald Web, Superconductor, Crimson Kimono, Weave, Vice, Pandora, Omega. St AK Fire Serpent,Lotus. KW 2014, CH. (BTC/ETH)

I'm also interested in buying items

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Skins Wear Float Info ScreenShots B/O Prices
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2020.09.22 10:23 orange3cparts Lenovo Legion 7i review

If my current laptop gave up the ghost tomorrow, there's a very good chance I'd replace it with the Lenovo Legion 7i. It's one of those rare gaming laptops where everything feels perfectly judged. It has enough processing and graphical grunt to make full use of its high, 144Hz refresh rate display, and dell xps 13 charger the size of its aluminium chassis has all the space it needs to help keep it cool and quiet under pressure. Heck, it doesn't really even look like a gaming laptop once you turn off the Corsair iCue compatible RGB lighting spilling out of the back and sides, and even its backlit keyboard borrows the same ordinary-looking font and design as Lenovo's everyday consumer laptops. It ticks a lot of boxes, and is absolutely the laptop to beat if you're after a powerful desktop replacement you can take on the go.
The Legion 7i is one of the most anticipated gaming notebook releases for 2020. Aside from the name change over the premier Y740, the Legion 7i features a redesign with dell xps 15 charger a thinner form factor while packing the latest Intel 10th gen H series processor paired with Nvidia RTX Max-Q graphics. Lenovo Legion also expands the 7i to a wider audience by offering two panels, a 240Hz 100% sRGB rated 15.6'' panel and a 144Hz option with a 100% AdobeRGB rating.
As far as the design goes, there really isn't much, if anything that's changed since last year's Legion Y740. Personally, I think that's a good thing, as Lenovo's Legion laptops are definitely among the more stylish out there. They have a certain industrial design that makes that pretty enough to game on with RGB lighting, but also standard enough so that you can take them to work.Although the magsafe 2 charger design aesthetics stay mostly the same, it has always been one of the best-implemented ones, something that can really give a tough time to all the Alienware out there. From the comfort of using the keyboard to the position of the ports, vents and the hinges, Legion 7i is quite an eye candy. But if you have deep pockets and want this for the underside RGB strip or the ones placed right on the exhaust, it might not be worth it.
Still, regardless of what model happens to fall into your particular price range, there's one thing they all have in common: a gorgeous 15.6in, 1920¡Á1080, IPS display. Simply put, it's one of best laptop screens I've ever seen, covering a full 100% of the sRGB colour gamut, and a very impressive 90.7% of the HDR-grade DCI-P3 gamut, too. Combine that with lenovo ideapad 100s charger a good contrast ratio of 1196:1, a low black level of 0.43cd/m2 (the closer to 0.00cd/m2, the better) and a peak brightness of 520cd/m2, and the Lenovo Legion 7i's display really packs a punch, delivering bright, vivid colours with plenty of fine shadow detail.
Every game in my benchmarking suite looked absolutely stunning on the Legion 7i, and the fact you get this display on every model really puts its competition to shame. It's miles better than my previous favourite gaming laptops, the Acer Triton 500 and Asus ROG Strix Scar II, which covered around 85% of the sRGB gamut, and macbook pro 2012 charger even gives more expensive laptops such as the ultra fancy Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 a run for their money, too. In short, you'd normally have to pay a lot more to get a display like this, and it's something that really makes lower-end models stand out from the crowd.
Configuration for the Legion 7i starts with an Intel Core i5-10300H paired with a GTX 1660Ti and goes all the way up to an Intel Core i9-10980HK and an RTX 2080 Super. Unfortunately, there are only two configurations available for the Legion 7i in the Philippine market that surface pro 4 charger uses the Intel Core i7-10750H processor. The base model that's available in the PH market starts at Php 119,995 for a 16GB dual-channel memory, 1TB SSD, and RTX 2060. Add a Php 15,000 premium to upgrade the RTX 2060 GPU to an Nvidia RTX 2070 Super Max-Q. Both configurations use the 240Hz 100% sRGB panel.
The Legion 7i can be configured with a 144Hz 100% AdobeRGB panel with G-Sync or a faster 240Hz 15.6'' 1080p panel but with only 100% sRGB rating instead of AdobeRGB. Our specific unit uses the latter. Additionally, the Legion 7i's display, regardless of refresh rate, supports 500-nit HDR with dell venue 11 pro charger Dolby Vision technology.Our SpyderX Pro display analysis tool confirms the color-accurate panel of the Legion 7i. The Legion 7i is good enough for professional work given that the screen is pre-calibrated via Xrite. More serious professionals should opt for the 100% adobe RGB panel for the perfect balance between color quality and refresh rate.
Brightness scaling on the Legion 7i is unpleasant as it scales steadily on 0-50% but jumps to 300nits on 75% and 500nits at max brightness. It would've been better if the 50% brightness setting measured around 300 nits. The unfortunate brightness scaling translates to worse battery life, especially on higher brightness settings. The dell inspiron 15 charger Legion 7i slightly compensates by having a good contrast ratio, especially on the higher screen brightness.Lenovo partnered up with Corsair for the RGB implementation of its laptops since the Y500 and Y700 series. Extensive lighting customization can be accessed via Corsair iCUE software. The software can control each lighting zone as well as per-key RGB. Unfortunately, Corsair iCUE is only limited to RGB lighting functions leaving key mapping a missed feature for the Legion 7i. Do note that toggling between lighting presets using FN + spacebar doesn't work if Corsair iCUE is running.
The moonlit beach grass that danced in the wind was vivid and detailed. I ogled the textures inside one of the mansion's bedrooms; I could discern a wide array of fabrics, including a leather-clad headboard, a velvet comforter and a satin pillowcase. Playing Hitman (2016), I was wowed by colorful, hanging Morrocan lanterns as Agent 47 passed a lively souk in Marrakesh. The Legion 7i's display is also perfect for casual entertainment. When macbook pro 2015 charger I watched the Dune trailer on YouTube, I noticed actress Zendaya Coleman's barely-there freckles as she leaned in to kiss her co-star Timoth¨¦e Chalamet. I also spotted tiny beads of sweat on Chalamet's upper lip during an intense, heart-thumping scene. The Legion 7i's display looks crisp, clear and visually pleasing.
Performance-wise the Legion is quite surprisingly well-performing. With a thin body, powerful, 10th-gen Intel Core processor and ample RAM, the machine refuses to go loud while throwing out the heat from vents on the side. Thankfully, after hours of Flight simulator gameplay, which by the way performed really well with dell xps 13 charger uk no delay in scenery loading, the heat ventilation is fortunately effective enough so that you don't feel it on the keyboard. The unit we received, ran the Intel 10th-Gen Core i7-10875H chipset with 16GB RAM and Intel UHD graphics + Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super with Max-Q GPU, which in itself is very powerful. Even hours of Assassin's Creed Odyssey was handled really well with this machine.
I pitted the Legion 7i against its Asus and MSI rivals on our benchmarks, and unfortunately, the Lenovo gaming rig could not hold its own during the performance battle. The Legion 7i achieved a score of 6,012 on the Geekbench 5.0 overall performance test, which lenovo ideapad 320 charger 14IKB falls below the performance score of the average premium gaming laptop (7,431). Unsurprisingly, the Legion 7i also got its butt whooped by ROG Strix Scar G15's Core i9-10980HK CPU (8,263), and it couldn't outperform GS566 Stealth's Core i7-10750H processor (6,261).
The Legion 7i took 9 minutes and 9 seconds to convert a 4K video to 1080p resolution using the HandBrake benchmark, which is slower than the average premium gaming rig (8:28). The Legion 7i moved at a snail pace compared to the ROG Strix Scar G15, which completed the task in 7 minutes and 26 seconds. However, the GS66 Stealth was more sluggish than the Legion 7i (9:25).When we ran the macbook pro 2011 charger file-transfer test, the Legion 7i's 2TB SSD duplicated 25GB of multimedia files in 20 seconds, which translates to a transfer rate of 1,342.4 megabytes per second. That smokes the category average (237.6 MBps). The Legion 7i also edged out the ROG Strix Scar G15 (2TB SSD), which offered a transfer rate of 958.8 MBps. The MSI G566 (512GB SSD) took its sweet, sweet time on the file-transfer test with a rate of 433 MBps.
Lenovo has not just added some extras in Legion 7i in the form of a full-sized keyboard with numeric pad and a sleeker look so it stays valid for non-gamers as well, but it has also given this machine some good battery performance as well. Powering the Legion 7i is the 4 Cell 80Wh battery that magsafe 1 did run for longer than any other Intel 10th-gen gaming laptop we've used in recent times. No, you can't travel around with it and would have to plug it in more often than other non-gaming laptops, but this did take us by surprise. And for those thinking, 100Wh is the most that we have seen in a laptop. This reaches close with 80Wh.
The Core i7-10875H has buckets of processing power at its disposal, too. This is the top 10th Gen Core i7 chip you can find in gaming laptops at the moment, and its 8 cores and 16 threads absolutely churned through the Cinebench R20 benchmark. Indeed, its single core score of 484 puts it on a level playing field with surface 3 charger the Core i9-10980HK inside the Duo 15, and its multi-core score of 3700 is pretty impressive, too. While it doesn't quite match the Duo 15's score of 4143, it's still quite a bit faster than Intel's previous generation of Core i7 laptop processor, coming in around 40% faster than the Core i7-9750H. As a result, everything feels blindingly quick on the Legion 7i, from browsing the web to doing a bit of light photo editing.
The Legion 7i has a very nippy SSD to go with it, too, which makes everything feel that bit snappier. When I tested it with AS SSD's 1GB random 4K test, for example (the same test I use for PC SSDs), the 1TB model inside my review sample finished the test with a1278 charger an excellent random read speed of 41MB/s and a random write speed of 101MB/s, putting it pretty much on par with the considerably more expensive Duo 15 again.
Software and warranty
The Legion 7i has some pre-installed software that gamers may find to be useful. That includes the Lenovo Vantage app and the Corsair iCue software. The former lets you update your drivers, review your warranty status, run system diagnostics and lenovo ideapad 320s charger 13IKB request support. You can also choose between three modes on the Lenovo Vantage app: Performance, Balance and Quiet. Quiet is perfect for light productivity tasks. Performance is optimal for gaming as the fans will kick up speed. The fan noise can be loud on Performance mode, but it's not ear-deafening.
Bottom line
The Legion 7i offers mixed performance. The Lenovo gaming rig towers above its rivals when it comes to file-transfer speed, virtual reality and 45w magsafe 2 power adapter screen brightness, but the Legion 7i fails to stand out on overall performance, video transcoding and battery life. If you're seeking a longer-lasting gaming rig, you should consider the MSI GS66 Stealth, which lasts two hours longer on a charge.
The Lenovo Legion 7i ticks all the boxes on our list. It has a premium build, a portable and professional-looking design that won't look out of place in an office environment, a fantastic 240Hz display, a privacy shutter on the webcam, an attractive RGB setup, good battery life, cool software features, and great performance and thermals. We didn't like the power button though and the lenovo ideapad 330s charger 15IKB small trackpad, but we're nitpicking as these are things we can sweep under the rug given its pros. At PHP 134,995, it's pricey, but a competitive price considering what it has to offer. So, if you're a gamer or a creator, and on a hunt for a laptop that packs the power mentioned above, then the Legion 7i should be at the top of your list.
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2020.09.22 10:22 valkanol My (18M) brother thinks I'm (20F) evil incarnate for enforcing lockdown rules on him

COVID-19 numbers in Australia are pretty low compared to other countries but my city has the worst numbers, so we have some pretty strict lockdown rules. Fines for breaking the rules put in place by the state government are $1652 per person, ($1188USD). For context, my parents are divorced, while my dad lives nearby, we both live with Mum full time. A couple of weeks ago, my brother J, told me he was going out for a walk and was unusually vague about where to and how long. You can only exercise for 2 hours and he wasn't back by then, I called him and he admitted he'd walked a long way to a small shopping strip. He'd never walked further than around the corner for a service station coffee, so this was obviously suspicious. A few days after, he admitted after lots of pestering that he went to meet a girl he had just recently been talking to. You weren't allowed to meet anyone at that time, and he also broke the rules of social distancing and wearing a mask. I wasn't happy as they barely knew each other and people are dying. My mum wasn't really happy but did nothing, she has literally no control over him and will do whatever he says, he manipulates her a lot to get what he wants and I hate it.
Since then, they've met a few times to go on walks together which was still not allowed but I had no business getting involved and couldn't do anything. He believes they aren't breaking the rules but I double and triple checked and they are. 2 weeks ago, he asked if I could try to be friends with this girl because she's concerned I won't like her, I said "Yeah of course!" The next day, I send her a friend request and mention to J later on that she didn't respond yet. She does a few minutes later and J says "I told her not to" and I was just so confused by that behaviour. I tried asking him why and he said that I 'have a history of stalking people' He's referring to the time I went on his last girlfriend's page over a year ago because he wouldn't tell me anything about her. I was pretty offended and annoyed but I brushed it off.
Last week, around 7 pm, I get told that she'll be over in a few minutes to go for a walk, and Mum and I can briefly meet her in the driveway (following rules though). Next thing I know, they're going through the garage to our backyard. Mum says she's allowing it because it was dark out. None of them were wearing masks or social distancing. Again, I really wasn't happy but I had agreed to be nice to her, so I tolerated it, even though they were clearly breaking rules. I expressed my severe distaste privately to my mum but she still allowed it. When she was leaving, he got into her car, maskless, to talk to her, which was even worse because that's an enclosed space, I texted him to get out of her car and he eventually did. He's been grumpy at me ever since, saying I was 'actively trying to break up his relationship.' I'm just trying to follow the rules so they can finally be lifted.
The rules just recently changed to say that you can exercise with one person not from your household only in public, while still following safety precautions, so their walks have become more legal (they don't distance). Yesterday, they were going out for another walk which I'm fine with now that it's ethical to do so. Not long after, they were both in the house bringing in groceries that my mum had just come home with. I think, "not really ok but it'll only be a minute". Then Mum tells me that they're going to stay and watch a movie together. I was shocked, this wasn't a grey area anymore, this was blatantly, definitely, 100% against the rules. I start to kick up a fuss and Mum tells me to please just let it go. I was willing to compromise if they sat far apart and wore masks but J said "Hell no". Mum says it's ok because she 'allowed it', I tell her that doesn't make it illegal and loudly complain and threaten to report them until they leave to watch a movie at her place instead. J is really mad at me and tries to say it's fine because they became an official couple the day before. He's referring to the rule for 'intimate couples' that allows such people to generally ignore the rules to be with their partner that they don't live with. This rule is for people who are in very long term, serious relationships, it's totally unethical to claim this.
As a result, he's really mad at me and won't respond to anything I say. He really, truly hates me and believes that I'm this terrible person. I know I'm not a bad person but what he says still bothers me. I just wanted them to do the right thing. He's been treating me so horribly lately that I don't want to associate with him anymore beyond a 'housemate that I don't really know level'. Mum wishes we could get along and honestly, that would be great but he's just so angry towards me all the time. What should I do? How do I handle him? It's a possibility that he moves in with Dad. I'm not apologizing because what I did wasn't wrong, even if I was unkind about it. Sorry that this is really long, I wanted to get enough detail in.
Thanks for your help, everyone, I really appreciate if you took the time to read this far.
PS, I hope the rSlash youtube guy reads this, he gives really good advice
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2020.09.22 10:20 ThrowAway096906 How do I tell my long-term partner I think I may be polyamorous?

Hi, throwaway here!
How do I tell my long-term partner I think I may be polyamorous?
A little back story: I am F and both partners I refer to in the story are M. So my 'primary' partner and I have been together for over 4 years now, a lot of the relationship was long distance, but we are now living together. During our relationship, we experimented a bit with non-monogamy, given the long distance nature of our relationship, but secondary relationships were always just viewed as being casual and for sex. I had never been in a non-traditional relationship like this before, and I have to say that I found it difficult at first. Knowing my partner could be out having fun with someone else made me jealous and insecure. However, I think I've grown and developed a lot in the course of our relationship, and I feel much more secure, confident and cool with it now. In the last two years or so (while still long distance, and our own sex life not very fulfilling at the time), I met someone, who I had a casual fling with, and the sex was great, but over time we kept chatting and I developed feelings for him. I love my primary partner and I definitely have strong feelings for this secondary partner. Please excuse me if I'm using incorrect terms, I'm very new to all this. I'm using 'primary' and 'secondary' just for the sake of clarity, however, I could see myself being equally into/with them.
My primary partner is aware of secondary partner, and was accepting of the relationship, up until the point that secondary partner confessed his love to me. Since then, primary partner has felt scared that he will lose me over this other guy. I've tried reassuring him that he won't lose me if he doesn't want to because I want to continue the primary relationship. I have not, however, confessed to my primary parter that I think I may be poly-minded. He knows there are some feelings involved, but I think he still thinks of it as an affair outside of a main relationship. I don't really know where to go from here. I'm scared to say the word 'polyamorous' to my primary partner because I honestly don't know if it's true, but I think it might be and I think it might clarify this whole situation for him. Secondary partner is aware of primary partner and is happy to "share" me. Can this ever work out if the two guys are not into each other? There has been some talk of them meeting, but I don't see this turning into an actual poly arrangement between the 3 of us. If it works out, I think it would be more me dividing my time between them.
I feel like I'm being ripped in two. I want to be with both so much, but I'm scared I'll lose them if I actually tell them how I truly feel.
So I'm here to ask how this all sounds to more experienced polyamorous people/partners/relationships? Could this ever work out? Should I tell my primary I think I might be poly?
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2020.09.22 10:13 sanjinpuga Started a job as marketing specialist in a home textile manufacturer and need advises on research and marketing

Nice people of reddit i got just signed on a job as a marketing specialist for a textile manufacturer in Turkey.I am expected to find markets worldwide(especially Europe,Usa) but even tho i have knowledge i have very little experience over the field.I have a chance to create my own collection for spesific markets and have partners in Germany and Usa.I am starting from zero and first thing expected from is to research on demans of the spesific markets in home textile category.Is there any way to make the research efficiently and fast and what are ways to access this data.Company is willing to support me financially so i am open to every way.Also after finding the market the question will become do i use my own website for sales or use Amazon,Ebay and trust them.i am open to suggestions on every part of the job.Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.
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2020.09.22 10:13 CuriousKiss Is good sex related to the moral / ethics thinking of that person?

I experienced the best sex I had with a woman who had kind of very uncommon experiences in her teenage years because she was kind of low with her morals/ethics. For example she was not thinking about any consequences or that it might be inappropriate, when she had a certain experience, but now about 10 years later she would not do it again because she feels dirty in a bad way and on the other side thinks it was one of the hottest things she did in life: kind of orgies with a small group of older friends who used her, her girlfriend and some other girls while doing hard drugs like cocaine.
I would like to have a partner which I can have very wild sex with but also very passionate cuddly sex, so basically a big range of sex. But I am afraid that a stable person, which is living a pretty normal life is not into trying out fun things in sex or let go to f*** each other or to be f****d like a wh***. Do I have a wrong mindset? Are there woman out there loving sex but still living a "normal" life without hard drugs, excessive partying and breaking boundaries / trust? Maybe I am just too narrow-minded?
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