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The death of 'Austin Powers' actor Verne Troyer has been certified as a suicide, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner's office said Wednesday. According to the coroner's office, Troyer ... Verne Troyer is suing Ranae Shrider, his former GF and sex tape partner, alleging she battered the hell out of him. In the lawsuit, which will be filed in Federal court any moment, Troyer is accusing Shrider of intentional infliction of emotional distress and battery. Verne Troyer was an American stunt performer, actor and a comedian who is most known for playing Mini-Me in the Austin Power film series. He died at the age of 49 on April 21, 2018. How much net worth he had maintained? Verne Troyer had an encounter with Chanelle Hayes (2009).. About. American Actor Verne Troyer was born Verne Jay Troyer on 1st January, 1969 in Sturgis, Michigan, USA and passed away on 21st Apr 2018 Los Angeles, California, USA aged 49. He is most remembered for Mini-Me in Austin Powers franchise, Shasta McNasty. His zodiac sign is Capricorn. Verne Troyer is a member of the following lists ... Verne Jay Troyer (January 1, 1969 – April 21, 2018) was an American actor, comedian, and stunt performer. He was best known for his role of Mini-Me in the Austin Powers film series (1997–2002). Troyer had cartilage–hair hypoplasia and was 2 ft 8 in (81 cm) tall. Verne Troyer - WikiMili, The Free Enc Actress Brittney Powell has lost her partner Verne Troyer, but who is she? (Picture: Jean-Paul Aussenard/WireImage) American actor Verne Troyer has passed away at the age of 49, leaving behind his ... ACTOR Verne Troyer, best known for his role as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movie series, has died aged 49. Troyer's family confirmed the 'shortest actor in the world' died this morning after being…

My name is Marie, and I’m so glad you’re here. ❤️

2019.11.03 16:37 MarieMalevolent My name is Marie, and I’m so glad you’re here. ❤️

TW: Suicide/Depression; I struggled back and forth on whether to post this story. In the end, if it helps just one person, it was worth it.
—Shortly after returning from my ((favorite)) place on earth, Hulaween, I began to see in the FB thread the tragic news that someone had taken their life, the very weekend I was having the time of mine. My Husband’s first day back at work, a guy who also is in the Festival scene broke the news to him before I could. He came home and in a whisper, “did you hear what happened at Hula...?” “Yes”, and we both bowed our heads. Casually scrolling the /Hulaween thread I read of other first-hand account details from other attendees... seeing the Police, the Crime Scene Unit, the barricades around the subject campsite...
You see, my Husband and I in recent years have not been silent with details of our Mental Illness, battles with Anxiety, Depression, and Suicidal Idealizations. But it wasn’t that long ago that that poor soul that lost their life at Hulaween a week ago was us. I remember being near the rails at Okeechobee, having terrible Suicidal thoughts, thinking to myself “I’m at one of my favorite places on earth (a Music event) and I’m having these thoughts.”
A more important story than my Okee experience was the one I share with my (now) Husband. The year was 2017. We began dating in September, a month before one of my favorite things in the world: Hulaween. I was set to go solo as a Tier 1 ticket holder and my Tent was packed, but a part of me didn’t want to go alone. I constantly teeter between being completely fine at social events, or melting down if I can’t find a familiar face. So after much deliberation, and at the very last minute, I took a leap and bought this person, someone I technically barely knew, a ticket to a 6-Day Camping Festival.
And boy, in hindsight, he was a great sport. I didn’t know at this point he suffered like I did. In hindsight, I just sentenced a HIGHLY anxious individual to 6 Days with someone they barely knew, and 6 Days away from their comfort zone. But we packed up, and drove 400 Miles. Fast forward to Day Two during Thursday Pre-Party. We end up at a show of a girl called Elohim. A petite, multi-talented individual, with a style similar to Porter Robinson. She sang. She played Piano. She mixed. But as the show went on, we began to notice the underlying messages, though neither of us spoke about it. A voice began saying “I Have Anxiety” as it flashed on the LED screen behind her. It made sense. She’s hid her face on stage this entire time. Now at this point, my Partner had no idea of my issues, and I his. Her show continued. By the end, a final message: “My name is Elohim, and I’m So Glad You’re Here”. It didn’t mean anything at that time, and we never spoke of it until after we got back.
The first time it happened I didn’t quite catch it. I knew what it looked like, but couldn’t comprehend that it wasn’t happening to me. No one is like me. I’ve gone 26 years alone. The Depression. Anxiety. Suicidal thoughts, attempts, and idealization. Crying in the mirror wishing to die, curled up in a ball saying you’re sorry over and over, the overwhelming darkness that kept me in bed for 2 years and several other times since then… no one is like me. I’m alone in this. At least, that’s what I thought. But the night of the Elohim show was the first time I saw it, in hindsight. My partner managed through the whole show, but when it was over, he darted from the crowd. I followed, never breaking stride. Something wasn’t right. He was having a Panic Attack. I took him by the hand and led him away from the music, to a small ti-pi that was set up with a curtain. I knew what to do. Isolate. Diffuse. Calm. I offered him water, offered him gum, and kept him safe until it passed.
The second time it happened, I didn’t catch it at first either. We were back to our campsite and settled in for the evening. Him and I, new and wrapped up in one another, began to get intimate. We hadn’t been before now. But in the middle of it all, he backed off and uttered the words “I’m spazzing out”, not trying to let on that he was about to have a breakdown. He himself was accustom to being alone. So I laid beside him, and we began to talk, when eventually he started to cry. It didn’t make sense because I’ve never seen it in another person before. It’s always been just me. But I lay there with him. No judgement. No walls. Just raw emotion between two people. Eventually, it passed, and we fell asleep beside one another.
The next day, he was very ashamed and apologized profusely which I didn’t understand. I was used to breakdowns. I was used to sadness. I didn’t think differently of him, judge him, or think he was “crazy”. I saw nothing wrong with what happened, because it seemed normal to me. When we got back from the festival, I managed to have a massive meltdown of my own, right in front of him, for the first time in front of another human being. See, I was on vacation from a job that was severely breaking me down. It had gotten to the point where I was barely able to enjoy the trip, and had reoccurring anxiety attacks about going back the whole time. It had gotten to where I was constantly relying on CBD in order not to breakdown at work. It had gotten to the point where I began to idealize driving my car off the bridge each day. This person, recognized my pain, as I did his. This time, I was the one ashamed, where he himself understood. No judgement, just massive amounts of understanding. He held my hand, wiped my tears, and helped rationalize that I needed to leave my respectable, high-paying, place of employment, because I was about to let it destroy me permanently.
Not long after I would come to find out he had planned on ending his life late November, 2017. What stopped that catalyst was the knee-jerk reaction to taking him to Hulaween, the experiences we had there, and showing him there was someone out there like him, suffering as he did, understanding him for the first time. We were wed September 16, 2019 and spent our Honeymoon at Hula. We are Best Friends. Soul Partners. Equals. We are nearly identical in our Mental Health conditions, and each day we grow stronger together. We feel each other when we’re apart. A simple look without saying a word can tell each other all we need to know. Most of the time we don’t talk at all, or talk over one another, verbatim. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions I’ve had, he figures out without me ever saying a word. He has been able to hold a hand to me, and my pain subside. I’ve also come to discover he is an empath like myself. He feeds on energy as I do. And since then, we have fought together through every attack, every break down, and every cry. Through every dark moment we’ve had, and for me, a couple have been close, we adopted the mantra: I’m so glad you’re here.
This post, and my heart, are dedicated to letting you know, you are not alone, and we are so glad you’re here. Through coming out with our issues, we have come to find there are many more just like us, suffering in silence. This is for you. People around you, especially what we call “normies” (people without Mental Illness) love to say this phrase, but for my Husband and I we’ve come to find truth in it: It DOES get better. Some days are harder than others. We are still on a daily regiment of GABA and CBD when we can afford it, but it has gotten much brighter.
Dedicated to the beautiful souls that have lost their lives to the darkness: - My incredibly beautiful, Lupe Isabel Galluccio; - Our idol, Chester Charles Bennington; - Our Childhood idol, Robin McLaurin Williams; - One of the greatest DJ’s I’ve ever known, Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii; - One of the greatest Musicians I’ve ever known, Chris Cornell; - A brilliant comedian, Verne Jay Troyer; - A cherished Childhood actor, Lee Thompson Young; - the beautiful soul that lost their battle at Hulaween this year...
And thousands of others that have left us in search of their place in the sun.
My name is Marie, and I’m so glad you’re here. 1-800-273-8255 Text HOME to 741741 ❤️
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2018.04.23 17:31 BaronVonSixpack The Shera Bechard playmate payoff story is just starting.

tl;dr; Trump got Bechard pregnant and paid her off. Broidy has a history of stepping in and doing such favors as bribes, because his finances aren't as closely scrutinized as an elected official. This story was dropped and worded by Murdoch owned media in such a way that everyone would lap up any disgraced Republican and not look at the details and seeing the story fall apart like the house of cards it is.
5/8: Major media is picking this up! Finally!
Mika Brzezinski listed Trump, Fox News host Sean Hannity and Republican donor Elliott Broidy as clients on the show but Avenatti said she was making the same mistake everyone else had.
No, no, no, Mr. Trump, the Trump organization and Sean Hannity. Mr. Broidy was not disclosed in open court as one of Michael Cohen’s clients.
Co-host Joe Scarborough asked the attorney what that meant.
I think at some point we are going to find out, if in fact, the client in connection with the ($1.6 million) settlement was, in fact, Mr. Broidy. I’m going to leave it at that.
Let's start at the beginning:
We've been told a story about Broidy being at the center of the affair by Murchoch's Wall Street Journal. Everybody fell for a very clever misdirection.
Broidy's statement was well crafted to imply an affair but never acknowledged any kind of sexual relationship. It can be read to mean nothing more than handling the situation for someone else. The original statement also had no apology to wife, family, nothing. The WSJ implied the affair, Broidy's statement was thrown out as bait.
Ask yourself how all this starts. Broidy has to get a Playmate pregnant somehow. The subsequent abortion (okay, that's understandable). Then this terrible secret has to get to Cohen as new business. Walk me through that conversation.
Now Micheal Cohen lists only Trump's and Hannity as clients in court. There is no good reason for Cohen's involvement with Shera Bechard. If it somehow got to him, why not refer it to Keith Davidson (see below), the guy who negotiated for Stormy initially and the Catch and Kill story for McDougal? Cohen knows him from the Daniels case.
More on Davidson: For those not familiar, Keith Davidson is apparently the "go to" sex tape lawyer involved with Tila Tequila, Vern Troyer, etc. Seriously, google him with any celeb sex tape name.
The Big Problem: The hardest to believe part of the story is Cohen doing this thermonuclear Shera affaiabortion payoff completely independent of Trump without his knowledge. How damaging is this to Trump's reputation if exposed? Just by association it's horrendous! Why risk it?
The only reason to do it is because can't go anywhere else, the real truth of the situation can't be allowed out of the inner circle.
Let's Talk Motive: Broidy taking the heat for this is good business. He now has something on Trump and much, so much to gain from international deals under Trump. You absolutely know he could bury Trump without saying a word in an interview by just pausing. (See Trump disavowing David Duke to view the proper technique.) To Broidy, this is becoming a made man in Trump world.
Who's behavior does this story fit: Who has a history of raw dogging it with porn stars and an appetite for models that look like a certain someone? Does Shera remind you of anybody? or
Lastly: 1.6 Million? Broidy has no high profile reputation to protect (read his bio). Payout over a 2 year period to stay quiet? (note: to be paid in quarterly installments over that time. That's a Stormy Daniels every 60 days or 200K per quarter. Does that make sense for someone who essentially loses nothing?
What are the personal consequences to Broidy since the affair and subsequent abortion? Does Broidy lose his spot in the inner circle of Trump for such a grave moral transgression? No. Stronger than ever.
White House aides were worried enough about a visit last year by Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia, under investigation by American prosecutors who say he embezzled $3.5 billion from a state investment fund, that he was denied the customary photo in the Oval Office with President Trump.
But that did not stop a top Republican fund-raiser, Elliott Broidy, from seeking to use his White House ties to press for Mr. Trump to play a golf game with Mr. Najib, who had the authority over negotiations for a lucrative Malaysian contract with Mr. Broidy’s private defense company, according to documents obtained by The New York Times.
In light of this, ask yourself if Broidy seems like someone who committed a grave moral crime and humiliated himself or someone who covered up a grave moral crime for the boss with Cohen's help.
edited: Did a web search on Bechard payoff and found this pretty decent writeup:
Includes Tom Arnold talking about Donalds TWO playmate girlfriends "and recently, too!"
Two. Playmate. Girlfriends. 4/26 update: Tom Arnold's twitter feed shows that he got a Cease and Desist from speaking further about DT and his Playmates at some point after TMZ posted this video.
Let's talk Opportunity: Who is in a better position of getting a Playmate to raw dog it? A famous TV personality that can open show business doors and has a generous reputation, very wealthy, and regular to the Playboy Mansion? Or Broidy? Who no Playmate would ever know who that was. I googled him, he goes to ballet fundraisers with his wife. Recent picture search shows him happily smiling with his wife. Try it yourself, image search Elliot and Robin Broidy. Last 30 days. Very active social calendar, not looking the part of the devastating abortionist.
edit 2: Pay very close attention to the language in this statement (emphasis mine):
Broidy was appointed to the role of Republican National Committee deputy finance chair by Donald Trump. His resignation was accepted by RNC chair Ronna McDaniel. In a statement to the Journal, Broidy said, “I acknowledge I had a consensual relationship with a Playboy Playmate.” He added, “At the end of our relationship, this woman shared with me that she was pregnant. She alone decided that she did not want to continue with the pregnancy and I offered to help her financially during this difficult period. It is unfortunate that this personal matter between two consenting adults is the subject of national discussion just because of Michael Cohen’s involvement.”
At no point does Broidy claim there was any sex involved in the relationship! Because he never had sex with her, there was no affair to deny. He had a "consensual relationship" like anyone would have with a business partner. When she shared that she was pregnant, he offered to help. Like someone would who was helping out for a good friend let's say.
And another thing: Where is the apology to his wife in this statement? Have you ever seen a politico apologize for an affair and never even mention their wife and family?
So to be clear, Broidy never said he had an affair and hasn't even implied that he cheated on his wife. He's never had to deny it because nobody saw through the ruse and bothered to follow up on the gaping hole in this story.
Follow up stories:
4/24: Bechard has a new lawyer! His name is Peter Stris (also repping McDougal) and he's going public. He's just been on Rachel Maddow and has suggested legal action against Davidson was on the table. Stris is linking Davidson to Cohen and accusing the pair of committing legal fraud.
Now Bechard is supposed to be receiving quarterly checks of around 132K because the 1.6Mil was a quarterly payout over 2 years. In Cohen's current situation, is he still cutting checks? Does the agreement stand up if he doesn't make the payments? Where is the money coming from? Well, we'll know more on May 25th at the next court date in lower Manhattan.
Notable: Ms. Bechard’s contract included the same aliases that were used in the 2016 contract with Ms. Clifford — “David Dennison” and “Peggy Peterson.” - NYT So the outcome of the Daniels case may have a domino effect on the validity of this NDA as well. Maybe we get to see the signatures?
So now there are (at least) two lawyers going against Cohen and working with FBI and prosecutors. Scheduled date for documents to be released to prosecutors: May 25.
Stormy NDA validity court date: July 12
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2014.09.24 15:04 NeedAdvice92 Me [22 M] with my new GF [22 F] of 2 - 3 weeks, regretfully discussed number of previous sexual partners, now I don't know how I feel.

So a little preface, I have trust issues stemming from an abusive parent. I believe this is where this feeling of discomfort or lack of trust is coming from. But here is the issue.

We are both 22, and recently started dating. We were seeing each other for about a month before we were kind of pushed into a relationship by her roommate during one night of drinking. I say pushed because we were pretty "unofficially" dating, but hadn't discussed what we were so her roommate drunkenly asked "what are you guys?" and so we came to the conclusion we were dating. I was happy with it, and she seemed to be too. Afterwards my gf, lets call her J, goes to the bathroom throwing up (we were all drinking pretty heavily). While she's in the bathroom her roommate starts giving me the usual roommate talk "if you hurt her, i'll rip your balls off." etc. etc. Something she said during this talk threw me off though. She threw a big but in there. "If you hurt her, i'll rip your balls off... unless she cheats on you then I get it". Why would she say this if it wasn't plausible or a previous problem? So my trust is already a little frayed.

Fast forward to this last weekend. It was my birthday so I was going home for the weekend, and it just so happened J was going to her beach house which was near my home too. So we car pooled to save money and spend some time together, why not? I ended up meeting her parents at her beach house and vice versa for mine at my house. Well on the ride back up to school, we were playing a long game of joking "who would you rather". Ya know, with like celeberties not real life people. "danny devito or verne troyer" etc. etc. Eventually after this playful game somehow the topic of past relationships and sexual partners came up. Well she ended up disclosing that she had been with over 30 guys (and it seemed like it was closer to 40). Since freshman year, and we are now in our senior year. So 30-40 guys in 3 years. This threw me off. It's not so much that i'm judging her for how many guys she's been with, but more so this with what her roommate said has me a little on the defensive side of possibly being cheated on. I'm not sure if this is justified, if I have a reason to be worried or if this should concern me at all.
My question to you /relationships is this, should the number of guys she's been with alone, warrant concern? and paired with what her roommate said to me should it warrant concern? or am I just overreacting and misreading the situation?
tl;dr: New girlfriend has been with 30 - 40 guys in the last 3 years. Her roommate unknowingly warned me she might cheat on me. Should i be concerned or am I overreacting?
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2009.02.04 21:56 genosworld Ranae Shrider to reveal details about sex tape partner Verne "Mini Me" Troyer's penis & whether Justin Timberlake really treated Verne like crap!!

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2009.02.02 20:47 genosworld Ranae Shrider is concerned that her sex tape partner Verne "Mini Me" Troyer will not live to see 2010!!

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2009.01.31 23:48 genosworld "Mini Me" Verne Troyer is outraged and jealous that his sex tape partner is posing nude to get Hugh Hefner's attention.

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2008.08.02 04:21 yorosa Mini Me: Verne Troyer Accuses Sex Tape Partner of Unsolicited Dwarf Tossing

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2008.06.27 21:31 shawnwasson Interview with Verne Troyer's sex tape partner...

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Postal - Full Movie  2019 - YouTube Remembering Carson Pirie Scott, Bruno Sammartino, Verne Troyer, Carl Kasell, Art Bell, Nabi Tajima Samuel Kwant - YouTube Taggart And Torrens Podcast: Episode 141 Verne Troyer's Family: 2 Siblings And No Kids

Verne Troyer's Cause of Death Released - MSN

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Actor Verne Troyer is one of the incredible people who volunteered their time to get involved with Starkey annual Bridgehampton Benefit. We caught up with him on the red carpet for a quick chat ... An actress and model Brittney Powell had been Verne’s long-time partner since 2007 and up till his death in 2018. Powell has a son named Tyson who was close with Verne. As for Troyer, he didn ... Powers also discovers that Dr. Evil has new allies this time: Mini-Me (Verne Troyer), a clone of Dr. Evil one-eighth his size but just as nasty; Fat Bastard (Myers yet again), whose name describes him just fine; and vixenish assassin Robin Swallows (Gia Carides). Skip navigation Sign in. Search Watch Cop Meet His New K9 Partner After His Dog Died Saving His Life by Inside Edition. 2:08. ... Actor Verne Troyer Who Played Mini-Me in 'Austin Powers' Movies Has Died Ushi & The Family (October 22, 2011) - Verne Troyer R.I.P. (1969–2018) The Netherlands, RTL4 Ushi Hirosaki is a Japanese interviewer working for Tokyo Broadc... My name is Verne Troyer and you might recognize me from the big screen somewhere. However, on my YouTube channel, you will find all kinds of videos such as vlogs, cooking videos CHANNEL * My Partner's site on social media: ... Verne Troyer as Mini Indiana Jones - Postal Movie Promo #3 (Explicit Language Version) by Official. 0:23. This week Jono is going to Disneyworld, we play a new game called, Amazing Race or Disgrace? which has us really explaining why Verne Troyer is the best possible partner in the history of the game. Verne Jay Troyer (January 1, 1969 – April 21, 2018) was an American actor, comedian, and stunt performer best known for playing Mini-Me in the Austin Powers film series.